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Nutrition and Well Being

There are many pieces to the puzzle to attain healthy gums and teeth as well as full body harmony. Although flossing, brushing, and regular cleanings are important pieces, we are complex human beings. Our emotions, genetics, nutrition, environmental factors, biorhythms, various stresses, amount of sleep, as well as our soul’s path will all come into play. It is about waking up our consciousness so each of us can be attuned to our unique body wisdom. I don’t see your eating challenges as a sign that "something is wrong" - but as a place where we can more fully explore some of the personal dimensions in life that impact food, weight, and health. From that place we can look at issues of indigestion, food allergies, weight, binging or binge eating, fatigue, mood issues, poor body image and many more. My Masters’s in Holistic nutrition covered herbal remedies, supplements, digestion, physiology, biochemical individuality, as well as using healthy food choices to naturally, and lovingly guide the client through the many phases they pass through in life.

Certified Nutritional Counseling

I received my certification from with Marc David and The Institute of the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado. It has enriched my personal and professional life with its truths and wisdom. It delves into the core of various eating issues, binging or binge eating, fatigue, fears, illnesses, and toxic beliefs, giving clients practical and results-oriented strategies to transform their lives into one of joy, balance, and peace. Sign up for a nutritional counseling session today!